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Rhapsody Networks is your technology information source. We try to provide news and accurate technology reports on leading technology industries. Our primary focus is currently on technologies surrounding home building and construction related technologies. We have shifted gears and are focusing our efforts in this area because of the large housing crash experienced by so many Americans today. Since the housing crash a lot of companies are trying to find ways to produce sturcturally sound building materials for less money than ever before. We try to seek out those companies and provide accurate information about the progress they are making in the building technologies field. We will have technology news and featured products and services highlighted from time to time. Please feel free to browse our website and retreive accurate information on the building industry. 

Armstrong Flooring a History of Enduring Success  

One of the Oldest Companies in  America

It all started back in 1860 with two men cutting cork in a small shop and making deliveries by wheelbarrow. As times and the needs of its customers changed, so did Armstrong Flooring transforming into the company that it is today. By 1906 Armstrong Flooring realized that the future was in linoleum and they have been leading the industry in the quality of that product ever since. 

Armstrong Flooring

Armstrong Laminate Flooring

Quality Products for Your Floors

From day one, Armstrong Flooring has stood for quality. A company that doesn’t produce a quality product that keeps customers coming back and telling others about it, doesn’t stay in business for over 150 years. Each piece of cork from the earliest days was stamped with the Armstrong name because Thomas Armstrong was proud of the quality product he created. Today the company remains proud of the work they do, always striving to provide the best quality product on the market. 

Armstrong Global Exotics

Armstrong Performance Plus Prices

Quick Step Laminate

Armstrong Flooring has a Wide Range of Flooring Products 

Today, the Armstrong Flooring name can be found on a wide variety of flooring products, from linoleum to hardwood floors and everything in between. Whatever your decorating preferences, needs or budget, chances are that you can find an Armstrong Flooring product to suit your needs. Whether your look is contemporary or classic, simple or elegant, you can find a product that is right for you. Linoleum, ceramic tile, hardwood flooring, laminate and vinyl sheet flooring can all be found in the company’s line up of products. 

Shaw Laminate Flooring

Mohawk Laminate Flooring

Lamett Laminate Flooring

One of the Best Warranties in the Industry

From the earliest days, Thomas Armstrong included a handwritten warranty in the burlap sack with every order he delivered. The Armstrong Flooring company has always stood behind the quality of their products and will continue to do so. You won’t find a better warranty in the industry than with Armstrong Flooring products so you know that you can count on the quality and durability of your flooring will be built to last and will keep its good looks for many years to come. 

For more details on hardwood flooring and hand scraped wood floors visit the references listed.

Hardwood Flooring Terms

                 Purchasing hardwood flooring can sometimes be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never had experience with flooring before.  There are tons and tons of hardwood on the market, and picking out just one can take quite a bit of time. Along the way, you will come across a lot of wording that you may not be familiar with, here is a briefing of terms you may here.

                 Solid Hardwood Flooring- a solid piece of hardwood that is cut into planks to be laid. Solid hardwood flooring cannot be laid over concrete slab and must be nailed or stapled.

                 Engineered Hardwood Flooring- several thin slices of hardwood that are glued together to form a thickness of ¼ to one inch thick. A finished veneer type, also called wear layer, look is placed on top of the plywood to the flooring finished.  This flooring can be placed over a concrete slab, plywood subfloor, or it can be floated on top of underlayment. 

                 Floating Wood Floors- this is a type of installation that is laying hardwood over any type of subfloor such as concrete, plywood, or on top of an underlayment.  No glue of nailing is required.  It is flooring that is laid over an underlayment and is held together by a tongue and groove locking system.

                 Handscraped flooring- this type of wood is scraped by hand to give the wood and antique more distinguished look.  This type of flooring is a usually a little more expensive than regular flooring because of the time and effort of handscraping each plank.

                 Distressed Wood Flooring- is like handscraped flooring but is distressed by the use of a machine.  This also gives the floor an antique, distinct look and feel.

                 Prefinished wood- this means the wood’s top layer is finished and stained before during manufacturing, and is ready to install directly out of the box.

                 Unfinished wood- this means the wood’s top layer of flooring is directly solid wood.  The floor will need to be sealed and stained once it is laid.

                 Strip hardwood- is a width of hardwood.  All strips is 2 ¼ inch wide.

                 Plank Hardwood- is another width of hardwood. Plank hardwood can be 3,4, or 5 inch width.

Teragren Bamboo
Anderson Virginia Vintage
Triangulo Hardwood Flooring
Bruce Hardwood Flooring
We Cork
LM Flooring Santos Mahogany
Mohawk Zanzibar Santos Mahogany
Wicanders Cork Series 1000 Tile
Anderson Dellamano Campari

During your search for hardwood, you may come across any of these terms, you should familiarize yourself with these terms to make sure you are getting the flooring that you want, and to make searching for your perfect flooring easier!

Discount Carpet found in Dalton Georgia  

One of the first things to go in a house is the flooring. The flooring is constantly being walked on, soiled, and then cleaned off. This never-ending process slowly wears out any carpets in your home. Since carpets are replaced the most often it is a good idea to look for any deals on carpeting. There is no point paying a huge amount of money for something that is just going to be replaced again.  Discount carpet is going to be your key to saving money when re-flooring your home.  

When your floors are starting to look a little ragged, begin looking around for any discount carpet deals in the area. Great deals can be found as long as you don’t expect to get the latest carpet designs. Looking for any carpet that has been sitting around in stores for a long time is the best way to get a good deal. Stores are much more likely to cut you a deal on something that they just can’t seem to sell. One of the biggest misconceptions is that discount carpet is somehow lower quality than the full priced carpeting. That just isn’t the case. All of that discount carpet out there started out at full price, and the price was lowered later on for one reason or another. Most of the time carpeting is cheaper because the store just isn’t selling enough of it and occasionally it’s because a store just ordered too much to begin with.  

Discount Carpet
Carpet Care
Beaulieu Bliss Carpet
Carpet Cleaning
Shaw Carpet 

There are many different places to look for discounted carpets. One of the first, and most obvious, places is in a flooring store, or even better a carpet store. You have the best chances of finding discounted carpeting simply because they sell many more carpets than any other stores. After those specialty stores your next best bet is a larger hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot. They don’t have quite as many to choose from but they tend to discount prices quite often if a product just isn’t selling fast enough.  

Another great place to look for cheap carpeting is the Habitat for Humanity Restore. You will always get great prices at the Restore, but your choices will be very limited. If you plan to shop exclusively at a Restore it is a good idea to start shopping well before you need new carpeting. Chances are good that you will be able to get some carpeting you like eventually, but it is hard to say how long it will take. 

Mohawk Carpet Tiles
Shaw Carpet Tiles

Always make sure to do your homework before buying any particular type of carpeting. While carpeting will eventually have to be replaced, you should still do your best to maintain it while it is in your home. Well-maintained carpeting will last much longer than poorly treated carpeting. Take care of your carpet and you will save even more money that you would have to spend on replacement flooring.

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